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mtaeyc Executive Board

The mtaeyc Executive Board provides mission-based leadership and strategic governance for the affiliate. We are deeply committed to the values and beliefs that hold a high standard for quality in early childhood. Board members are elected by the affiliate’s membership, with positions lasting for 2-year terms. The Executive Board is comprised of the Executive Director, President, President-elect or Past President depending on which seat is occupied, Vice President, Membership Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer.

NOW OPEN: Nominations for Vice President and Secretary. Nominees MUST be a naeyc/mtaeyc member in good standing. Nominations excepted until July 1, 2022. Candidates will be voted on at the Early Childhood Conference in Helena on October 20‑22,2022.

Executive Board Officers

Photograph of Jennifer Sevier


Jennifer Sevier
Photograph of Allison Wilson

Vice President

Allison Wilson
Photograph of Dana Lozier

Membership Chair

Dana Lozier
Photograph of BriAnne Moline


BriAnne Moline
Photograph of Sheryl Hutzenbiler


Sheryl Hutzenbiler
Photograph of Renee August

Executive Director

Renee August

Chapter Reps


    Voting soon


    Rotating member


    Wendy Krenelka

Misc. Board Members

  • Best Beginnings Advisory Council
  • MT Early Care & Education Career Development Advisory
  • NAEYC Affiliate Council
  • Early Childhood Partnership for Professional Development
  • Montana Advocates for Children (MAC)